Wednesday, October 24, 2012

work appropriate

I'm lucky enough to work in a "casual-cute" office environment. No, really, that's the unofficial name for our dress code. Colored skinny jeans, baggy-chic sweaters and Converse are all commonplace in our hallways. The freedom extends to hair and makeup, too!

When I saw my coworker Chelsey walk in today, I thought, "Great bun!" I think I actually said that out loud. She had quite possibly the cutest top knot I've ever seen. It was worthy of a photo.

No matter what your dress code — stuffy corporate or totally casual — this hairstyle transcends the laws of beauty. It's also perfect for a not-so-good hair day. According to Chelsey, these are the secret steps to her bun:

1. pull hair into a high ponytail (don't use a hair tie yet), and smooth out any bumps.
2. twist the ponytail until it's tight — almost like a piece of rope.
3. twist the tight ponytail around itself (counterclockwise).
4. fasten with a hair tie.
5. pin any loose hairs with bobby pins.

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